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Welychem Corporation  Limited established in Shanghai on Oct 17th, 2000 is a professional phosphorus chemicals company in China specializing in manufacturing and exporting Phosphoric acid 75%/85% min Food grade, Polyphosphoric acid 95%/105%min, Phosphorous Acid 99%min, Phosphorous acid 98.5%min, MAP, DAP, MKP, MCP, MDCP, DCP and the related phosphates.  4Welychem's own factory is located at Fangchenggang Industrial zone, Guangxi, Province which is only 15 kilometers away from the Fangcheng Port, China.  It means that all the deliveries must be made on time, every time and meet our customers' satisfaction. At the same time, our strength on the logistics is one of main reasons that we can ensure our customers' a most competitive pricing in chinese market..

 Since 2006 Welychem has been exporting phosphorus chemicals to South Korea, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Australia, South Africa, Egypt, Turkey,Mexico, South America including Coloumbia, Ecuador and Chille. Welychem is highly regarded as a reliable supplier in phosphorous chemicals industry.

With  more than 10 years of experience in Chemical field and exportation, we well understand the chinese market and the different countries' requirement and regulations. It has successively been awarded as the corporation of “ Attaching importance on contracts and reputation”.  Our customers know that they can depend on us to provide sustained and stable quality phosphorus chemicals and service, Welychem sincerely welcome the customers from all over the world. Welychem is confident you will find the products and service more than meet your expectations.



Phosphoric Acid 85% Food Grade

Purity : 85% min
Content of Arsenic : 0.5 ppm max
Content of Fluoride : 1 ppm max
H3PO3 : 12 ppm max
Heavy Metal as Pb : 5 ppm max
Color : 20 max

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Melamine 99.8% min Tech-Grade

Appearance:white powder , no impurity
PH Value:7.5-9.5
Haze degree:20 max
Color degree:20 max

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Sodium Tripolyphosphate (STPP)

Pruity : 94% min
Content of P2O5 : 57% min
Content of Fe : 0.01% max
Water Insoluble Matter : 0.15% max
PH Value of 1% water solution : 9.2 -10.0
Throgh 16 mesh : 95% min
Through 35 mesh : 90% min
Through 100 mesh : 40% min
Whitness : 90% min

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